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Tooling Know How Five Tips on Profile Die Design

A poorly designed profile die-one that does not permit the part to end up being extruded with the same dimensions from set you back run-coupled with a lack of understanding of the extrusion procedure, is a recipe for scrap era.

A poorly designed account die-one that will not let the part to come to be extruded with the same measurements from run to run-coupled with a lack of understanding of the extrusion procedure, is a recipe for scrap era. There are five things profile processors need to know about developing and maintaining a replicable instrument:

?Proper land length: This is actually the section of steel that runs linear to the profile that provides « memory » to the desired form of the part. If the property length is too brief, the flow will change with any modification in the run circumstances. Land length also assists offset any swell of the thermoplastic since it exits the die lip. Profiles with the same wall thickness should have a minimum land length 10 days the intended wall thickness, for a land-length ratio of 10:1. If the designed final wall thickness is without question 0.100 in., the land length ought to be 1 in.

Needless to say this formula universally will not apply. For example, when running a thin-wall account (say 0.40 in.) of rigid PVC or another high-viscosity polymer, a 10:1 ratio would result in a land amount of 0.400 in., that could result in abnormal pressure buildup. From a security standpoint, the maximum constant backpressure desired is 5000 psi.

?Area length ratio: On profiles with unbalanced wall thickness-i.e., with multiple wall structure thicknesses in different areas-the same guideline applies. Just adjust the land length by removing steel. For example, if one wall is 0.080 in. heavy and another 0.060 in., the land lengths will be 0.800 and 0.600 found in., respectively.

If you

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