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What is Profile Extrusion

Profile extrusion is extrusion of a shaped product that can be a range of configurations but will not include sheet or film goods. Profile extrusion range from solid forms and hollow forms. Products ranging from tubing to windowpane frames to car door seals are developed this way and considered profile extrusion.

To process hollow forms a pin or mandrel is utilized in the die to form the hollow sections. Multiple hollow sections need multiple pins. To generate these hollows a way to obtain air is required to allow the center of the merchandise to maintain shape and not collapse in vacuum pressure. Usually an oxygen source will be used to keep the correct airflow in the cavity.

If several materials are required to make a product, the co-extrusion process plastic sheet extrusion machine is used. For example, a bright white drinking straw that has 2 colours of stripes on it, takes a total of 3 extruders. Each extruder feeds a distinctive variation or material of the same materials right into a central co-extrusion die.

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