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Biodegradable foams based on starch, polyvinyl alcohol, chitosan and sugarcane fibers obtained by extrusion

Biodegradable foams made from cassava starch, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), sugarcane bagasse fibers and chitosan were obtained by extrusion. The composites were well prepared with formulations dependant on a constrained ternary mixtures experimental design and style, employing as variables: starch / PVA, chitosan and fibers from sugar cane. The consequences of varying proportions of the three […]

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Foam under control

Foam Extrusion. A comprehensive control principle links the individual components of contemporary foam extrusion systems. Improvements in throughput along with shutdown and startup of the entire system take place largely automatically, and in a user-friendly way reproducibly. Typical raw material formulations for foam extrusion consist of up to 8 components that must be processed under […]

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Modeling Single Screw Extrusion Processing Parameters and Resulting Extrudate Properties of DDGS-Based Nile Tilapia Feeds

A single-screw laboratory extruder was used to carry out an L18 Taguchi fractional factorial analysis of aquafeed processing. The elements were based on a formulation for nutritionally-balanced Nile tilapia diet plans including distillers dried grains with solubles and soybean meal because the main protein options, furthermore to constant amounts of corn flour, whey, and fishmeal. […]

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