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Useon will show new plastics recycling machines at FAKUMA event

The equipment manufacturer says the latest machinery is designed for efficiency of energy and operations use.

The ongoing company will be presenting its Plastcompactor, made to agglomerate a variety of plastic components after washing and separation. The ongoing company says the equipment is suitable for processing thermoplastic components such as for example fibres, small tapes, foams, films, stretch or thin films, fine particles, shavings or powder, and plastic components that are tough to mention, stock and mix.

According to Useon, the agglomerated materials shows excellent flow properties and a high bulk density. As a side benefit, the ongoing company says, the agglomeration process achieves a competent parting of residual humidity. Useon plastcompactors are for sale to throughputs of to 1500 grams each hour up, the ongoing company says.

In many cases, Useon says, the production of agglomerate with a plastcompactor is really a permanent well-priced option to a recycling extruder.

New from Useon may be the SB series granulators, created for all types of size reduction applications from polyethylene terephthalate bottles to pre-shredded materials the ongoing company says.

The company says the granulators offer higher throughputs, lower energy consumption, even rotor tons and automatic treatment of larger product quantities.

In addition, Useon says the construction design of the SMS Series granulators from Useon Meckesheim GmbH continues to be improved in order to handle the most demanding durable applications in a single stage.

These machines feature rotor widths ranging from 600 to 2000 millimeters and with get capacities between 45 and 315 kilowatts. The blade design is segmental, ensuring an instant and easy exchange of the cutting tools thus. Standard applications are large, thick-walled semi-finished products in polyethylene, polypropylene, polyoxymethylene and polyamide, pipes with high wall thicknesses and large purgings. The company says the SMS series can also be used with various other tough to grind components, such as for example aramid fibres, carbon fibres and composite materials. This is possible because of the SMS series rotor style, the company says, as the rotor is certainly forged being a single piece and rotor kitchen knives are set at a stopper. The company says the look also stops « dead areas » where material rests can deposit.

Useon Meckesheim also says it can supply wear-plated rotors and housings equipped with an exchangeable use zone for twin screw extrusion manufacturer cost savings weighed against time-consuming armoring of the casing and rotor.

For control extremely large waste materials plastic pipes up to diameter of 3 meters Useon Meckesheim offers designed the new HOS series oscillating shredder employing a rasp feature. The shredder offers an oscillating size-reduction surface area with the capacity of shredding extremely huge pipes with lengths as high as 6 meters in asingle stage.

The company says the shredder offers very low noise operation and is an excellent value. It is also suitable for make use of with abrasive gives and components low energy usage for bulky give food to components, based on Useon.

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