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BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Review, Specs and Features

The BlackBerry Pearl 8100 has a glassy, black exterior that means it is appear to be a pearl. It includes a USB headphone and port jack in its left part and a volume rocker on the proper. It is hard rubber strips also flanked by programmable tips that release among the mobile phones applications immediately. Mute/lock button is definitely on the top of the telephone.

The battery has four days among charges which may be convenient for some. The Sdcard hidden under the battery, so you will be spending time diss-assembling your mobile phone if you want to perform much using the cards. It’s also vital that you understand that this telephone is a few years old so it’s not really going to have most of the features or improvements of the additional phones. It may, however, be good for the beginnerBlackBerry BlackBerry user who wants a cheaper model to understand on.

The pearl introduced the track ball which enables you to scroll and vertically horizontally. The monitor ball is much like a sensitive mouse and such as a mouse the ball will get trapped and work up at times. For the most part it works, though. The Perl, nevertheless, does not make best use of the scrolling feature. A lot of the menus simply move up and down.

Typing is rather easy when you get the theory what letters are on what keys. Separating the characters from the number keys, as is done in versions later on, is a better way of doing items in my opinion. The rubber sheet over the keys wears in and makes keypad much less solid and much less responsive. In other words the keyboard functions much less effectively with time. There is a good prospect of annoyance here.

As is expected of a good BlackBerry, the email/message screen is legit. Daring text message marks the communications, but the text message itself is ordinary text message. People discover reading long email messages hard because the text message is small and you also have to strain. This might become specifically troubling to a mature person.

This phone will feature some media. It has a camera with video features and a very good music player (mp3 or aac). Many of these multimedia applications, nevertheless, are thrown into one app. Which means that you can’t pay attention to music and have a picture at the same time. The very good music player can’t shuffle songs either, the very best it can do is purchase them by date. You can pause or stop tunes through a menu, nonetheless it is very far behind additional music and phones players.

For the beginner this telephone might work great. It has some fun multimedia applications and it doesn’t bog you down with a great deal of new what to learn. Be weary from the keyboard as it ages, though, and in addition look into newer mobile phone and available deals in it.

Hope you prefer the review of BlackBerry so you can get more overview of latest cell phones and laptops you can go.here.

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